Buying a new car directly from the dealer is pleasant, especially if the dealer has a good reputation and service. There are many dealers from the famous automobile manufacturers that wanted by prospective buyers of cars such as the Jaguar dealer, Chevy dealer, BMW dealer and so forth. For some people the name of KIA sounds strange in their ears. However, Kia is the oldest automotive company in South Korea and they has sold more than one million unit vehicles worldwide in 2008.

Kia has established since 1944, but this company has been enjoying the success at the present time. Although this company has been taken by Hyundai Motors Company due to Asian financial crisis in 1998, and its name changed to be Hyundai KIA Automotive Group, however in the UK and Europe, they are the fastest growing car manufacturer. In the United States, Kia dealership has been there since 1992 in the city of Portland and now almost all major cities in the world has Kia dealers.

The story above is a brief history and success story of KIA Motors, so there is no doubt if you want to buy Kia products, the best place to find it is Kia dealers. There are many advantages if you buy vehicle at the Kia dealers. Even some consumers who have purchased a car through Kia dealers admitted that they received many advantages that actually did not they expected before when they buy a car in this place.

Many people when they are about to purchase a car at a dealership, they only expect simplifies of transaction process and also they expect a lot of choices in selecting a suitable vehicle for them. Kia understands it all, even Kia set the customer service as priority in order to they do not have obstacle or serious problem when the transaction are taken place.

If the customer has a specific question or complaint about the services and products. Kia will respond quickly and solve it as soon as possible. Because if someone has bought Kia products, they being a part of Kia's family. When the Kia car owner celebrate their birthday or holidays, then Kia will provide greeting cards and souvenirs as a token of thanks have trusted Kia dealers as the best option to buy the vehicle. This makes them come back again and again to purchase Kia products, even a few customers told to friends, family or their neighbors about the services that provided by Kia.

Another service that provided by Kia is when the customers have problems with their car in another region where there is a Kia dealer, and then Kia engineer will repair that car as soon as possible. But if they are outside the reach of Kia, then Kia staff will take them to a nearby hotel to wait for the repair and pick them up if the car has been repaired.

In addition to service, Kia also provides warranty three years up to seven years for the buyer of Kia cars. And also provides used Kia cars for those who have a limited budget and for them that interested to buy or sell used car through Kia dealers.

Source by Derry Dharmawan