Move over, music enthusiasts! If these guys would really want to prove their expertise in the use of musical instruments such as the electric guitar, they might as well try playing with the Fender Jaguar. Well, it's not like the Fender Jaguar is something new – it has been around since the 1960s – but even so, there are still a good many musical instrumentalists who find this type of electric guitar a puzzle to play perfectly. But for those who have mastered the art of producing music with a Fender Jaguar, they will find that it actually has the capacity to play just about any kind of music there is with stunning quality.

The Characteristics Inherent in a Fender Jaguar

Just what makes this instrument such a hard yet exciting musical instrument to play? First is the tailed bridge, which is so designed so that the guitarist will be able to adjust the spacing in between each guitar string. Basically, the purpose is to allow the guitarist more freedom to customize the sound to fit his needs. However, for those who lack experience, when they adjust the strings, they find that these suddenly jump or get out of position, especially when they are playing the instrument with force.

Another feature is called the buzz stop. This is basically a bar that is meant to enable the guitarist to adjust the strings' angle on the back of the bridge, with the intention to minimize the buzzing of the strings. Still another is the string resonance feature, which sounds great but not when the guitarist intends to play stacatto. However useful these features in the instrument intend to be, for some guitarists, they deem these unimportant and just serving as a nuisance to them.

The Dimensions of a Fender Jaguar

For the classic Fender Jaguar, the dimensions are 44 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches. It has a neck that resembles a C shape, bearing 22 frets. As per the radius of the fret board, it typically measures about 241 millimeters, or an equivalent of about 9 1/2 inches. The length of the scale, on the other hand, measures 610 millimeters or an equivalent of 25 inches. As per the nut, the width is pegged at 1.65 inches. The weight, meanwhile, is about 15 pounds.

Other Fender Jaguar models include the Baritone Custom, the Baritone Special HH, and the Special HH. These models are distinguished as per the length of their scales. For the Baritone Custom, the scale measurement is at 28 1/2 inches. The Baritone Special HH is a little smaller, at 27 inches. On the other hand, the scale of the Special HH is just 24 inches long.


Source by Jens Peter Jensen