Trucks are large size vehicles that were invented in the last decade of 19th century. They are mainly used to transport goods and materials. The word ‘truck' had its origin from the Greek word ‘Trochos', which means ‘Wheels'. These are classified into three based on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. They are:

Heavy Duty Trucks: The heavy duties are those that can haul the heaviest cargo loads ranging from 19000 pounds to 33000 pounds. They are built heavy and strong to transport heavy goods and materials from the plants or factories to the desired places. Since these come with a lot of features, they are quite difficult to manufacture. Hence, only few companies are manufacturing heavy duty trucks. Some of the prominent names in the market are International Trucks, Ford, GMC, Kenworth, etc. They design and manufacture class 6, 7 and 8 trucks. Some of the popular ones are Ballast tractor, Chipper, Beverage, Packer, Semi-trailer, etc.

Medium Duty Trucks: The medium duty trucks are the trucks that are the most frequently used and popular media of transportation. They are categorized as class 3, 4 and 5 trucks and can haul a minimum load of 10,000 pounds to the maximum of 19500 pounds. These are the most demanding trucks in the market for the transportation of raw materials and industrial products. The most popular types of medium duty trucks are Box, Flatbed, Delivery, Garbage, Lift, Hook lift and Pickup trucks. Ford, GMC, International Trucks, Mack, Chevy and Kenworth Trucks are some of the prime manufacturers of these types of trucks.

Light duty Trucks: These trucks are classified as such due to their lightest hauling capacity. They come under class 8 category and can haul loads that weigh 10000 pounds. These trucks have better traveling abilities and they are mostly used by the cargo transporters to move raw materials to distant places. The leading manufacturers of this type of trucks are Titan, Toyota, Nissan, GMC and Ford. They have rolled out popular models like Tacoma, Sonoma, Titan and F250. The other models which come under this category are Tow trucks, Pickup, SUV, Salvage, Flatbed, Dump, etc.

Source by Chris Cornell