Just how customized can a car get? Well, it depends on the type of car and its intended function. However, it suffices to say that nothing beats Jeeps when it comes to customization. This is perhaps tied to the extreme conditions that Jeeps are subjected to especially during off road adventures.

Jeeps are some of the few modern cars that allow for full assembling and disassembling of its various components before and after a ride. The Jeep doors in particular can be stripped off and stored separately to keep the effects of extreme weather conditions at bay. Storage might not be an issue but how the storage is done is what really matters; it is with regard to this that manufactures of Jeep parts such as BesTop thought it wise to design and manufacture suitable and conducive storage jackets.

So what constitutes a good Jeep door storage jacket? Many Jeep owners agree that durability is key but it is important to remember that there is much more that goes into it. Top of the list is probably convenience. A survey conducted by a consumer insight company in the United States revealed that many Jeep owners prefer the convenience of fitting the Jeep door storage jacket onto the door while it is still on the Jeep, unless it is absolutely necessary to detach it from the Jeep.

Other equally important features of a good storage jacket include heavy duty zippers for maximum protection, ease of portability and frost resistance. Ideally, there are two main types of jackets depending on the type of door. The Jeep wrangler unlimited and the Jeep wrangler are commonly fitted with slightly smaller versions of the jacket specifically designed to cover the soft upper parts of the doors. Many of these BesTop accessories are usually sold individually. The best part is that they come with an elaborate installation manual for your use.

The CJ-7 on the other hand is commonly fitted with full steel doors which require a much bigger storage jacket. These are sold in pairs and therefore you need to carefully plan for the purchase. However, it is worth noting that there is usually not much choice with regard to color. These Jeep door jackets essentially come in black color. It's probably for a good reason; black is the color of dirt resistance so they say.

In a nutshell, a Jeep storage jacket is one of those Jeep accessories that make a lot of sense to any Jeep owner who is passionate about convenience.

They might come as an added expense but if the Jeep you drive comes with an easy to follow installation manual then they are totally worth the purchase. Just make the call, it might be shorter than you imagine!

Source by Bonney Bwire