You've probably heard of the massive recall of Toyotas this week. Not only is the recall domestic, it's gone foreign as well, affecting China and Germany, to name a few. Over a million Toyotas were recalled and that poses a large problem in regards to their reputation and credibility. Toyota, previous to the recall, was the leader in foreign car production and sales. Honda was a close second. That is soon to change. If you look at the history of Honda recalls in the past, you'll notice that there have been none to the extent of the magnitude of the Toyota recall. This is a feat that is only manageable by the leadership teams in Honda. They know what it takes to make excellent cars and they've done that by their stellar service and quality. Their reputation doesn't hurt either.

Minnesota is the home to many Honda drivers and owners. Per capita, Minnesota has the highest amount of households that own a Honda. If you're looking for a Honda dealership, there's definitely not a shortage of them. Whether it's a Burnville Honda dealership or a Minneapolis Honda dealer, you'll easily find it.

Enjoy the new Honda cars that are out there. Choose from one of the following: Accord, CR-V, Civic, Element, Pilot, or the ever-trendy Fit. You can't go wrong with whatever it is you buy from Toyota. If it's comfort you're looking for and want a little extra space for carrying around then the Accord is the perfect vehicle. If you have a bigger family and want maximum safety then the Odyssey is the car for you. There are a lot of options so don't hesitate to checkout your Burnville Honda dealership or one near you.

Source by Jerry Buss