Tesla just unveiled the pricing for its semi-truck and once again, it's beating all expectations!

Initially, when this model was first announced, people were making disparate guesses as to pricing in relation to battery size. Some assumed that if the vehicle comes with a thousand kilowatt hour battery with a 500-mile range, the price tag would most likely fall within the $200,000 t0 $250,000 range.

Tesla Semi-Truck Priced Competitively

They've finally released the actual costs and frankly these numbers are mind-blowing. The starting price is at $150,000 for the 300-mile range model, $180,000 for the 500-mile range model, and $200,000 for the fully loaded Founders Series model, which should also be at the 500-mile range.

To put this in perspective, the entry-level price for a diesel-powered semi-truck is approximately one hundred thousand dollars. If you prefer something that's more reliable or that has more features, you'll have to look at the $110,000 to $120,000 range.

Interestingly enough, when you consider the difference between the two models (300-mile range and 500-mile range models), what were actually seeing is a bargain-priced upgrade.

Viewed from this angle, the announced pricing even becomes more cost-effective and attractive. We're talking about an upgrade cost of only $15,000 for every additional 100-mile range (about 200-kilowatt more battery muscle)!

Of course, these calculations could be way off, these are based on initial numbers and observations and there will be corollary costs involved with every purchase. But, if the math proves right, this is indeed a game-changer!

The Elon Musk Factor

Of late, Tesla seems to be making inroads and getting a lot of mileage over the competition. They already have the clear technology edge, thanks to a forward-thinking decision to go big on R&D.

And, they have Elon Musk.

“Let's face it, people purchase a Tesla EV because it's a great car with a wonderful tech, they invest in Tesla because they believe in Elon Musk,” observed TColey 100, a keen observer in the EV space. “Elon Musk is Tesla's most valuable asset and that is what the competition has to contend with.”

When it comes to Tesla, online discussions would often – naturally so – gravitate around the areas where the company excels in. EV technology, batteries, and their massive super charging network, those topics are par for the course.

But, if there's one differentiator who's making things happen for Tesla that could only be Elon Musk. Comparisons have been made and tons of pages have been written about the man. The closest tech visionary that comes to mind is, of course, Steve Jobs.

They're both dream chasers who caused massive disruptions in their respective industries searching for breakthroughs. They do what they do best because they see that it can be done. It's unfortunate that Jobs died early. The way things are shaping up, Musk is poised to achieve far greater things before he's done.

This piece is not intended to glorify Tesla or Musk. Far from that, the company has its own set of shortcomings to deal with but its leadership and direction remain sound. Let's give credit where credit is due.

Source by Emmanuel Gonot