It goes without saying that any new Porsche is a hefty investment that demands regular care. Without special treatment and protection of both external and internal finishes, the investment will prematurely and significantly decline requiring a full reconditioning service or a hefty ding at trade-in time. One of the most over-looked ways Porsche owners can keep their sports car or SUV in pristine condition is frequent use of a car cover, but what is the best car cover to use?

Ready-Fit vs. Custom Fit

Based on my own experience with ready-fit and factory covers, I highly recommend both Coverking and Covercraft, the two most recognized and respected names in covers. I appreciate that they are made here in the USA using the finest fabrics and precision manufacturing. What's more, they are always a perfect fit for your exact Porsche (and exterior factory accessories), and that's guaranteed. The fit and finish highlights the sleek lines of your vehicle, sure enough, but the true value of the snug fit is preventing scratching on windy days. The covers fit so perfectly they don't move.

Custom-Fit vs. Factory

Your local Porsche dealer can order a factory embossed Porsche car cover for you, but take it from me, it's not your best option. The quality level is more a result of the single-layer fabric, not the construction (everything Porsche puts its name on is top quality construction). I suppose if UV protection and dust are your only concerns, the dealer offering will get the job well enough, but it would not be my personal choice. You need to dial-in the best fabric for your climate and use conditions.

Let Porsche build world-class sports cars and SUVs, because a Coverking or Covercraft car cover has no substitute. What really astounds me is the wide selection of indoor and outdoor fabrics. Plus, many of the fabrics are offered in two or more colors. It seems like custom car covers have almost as many options and variations as a new Panamera. You have to love that!

The Perfect “Car Guy” Gift

Here's a thought for you. Car covers make wonderful gifts, and not just for the holiday season, either. Trust me on this one, ladies, if the man in your life drives a Porsche 911, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman, or even one of the awesome Cayenne SUVs, he'll do cartwheels over a custom-fit cover for his pride and joy. I know, because I received a 911 car cover as a gift well over a decade ago and I still have it today! Save the sweaters and ties for stocking stuffers. What a car guy wants is a gift that acknowledges his love of cars.

Here's an important tip. If you're shopping for a holiday gift, Father's Day present, or even a thoughtful Birthday gift, you'll need to figure out exactly how he uses and parks his Porsche. For instance, if he wipes it down every day after driving it and puts it safely in the garage, then he's an indoor car cover guy. Don't forget that storage space in a sports car is also a consideration. If he does not have a garage, a bulky outdoor cover could be an issue for him. If he really does need an outdoor use cover, choose one of the lighter fabrics made for indoor and outdoor use. Oh, and don't forget some of the little extras, like a locking cable. More than just a thoughtful touch, a locking cable prevents theft of both the cover and the car. We both know that he'll sleep much better knowing his car is tightly under wraps.

There's No Substitute For Quality

A Porsche is a fantastic car; now it's time to step up to the only car accessories that can help you retain full resale value. By keeping your Porsche covered with a custom-fit car cover, you'll have piece of mind for as long as you have the car. There is no substitute for the best.


Source by David Bynon