Are you a car enthusiast in search of an extreme sports car which stands out from its contemporaries? Then the Aston Martin vantage roadster is the car which you should go for which is one of the latest models from one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. When you move out on the roads this piece of engineering will be really the center of attraction due to its sporty design which is really unique.

The power steering and the advanced cruise control system enable you to drive this powerful machine with ease. You can feel the immense power of the car while driving as it comes with a 12-cylinder engine. The adrenalin pumps in as you gain top speeds within seconds. The automobile engineers have put in their best in creating a great marvel and no other car can match its beauty and performance.

This car gives you the sense of exclusivity as very few models are rolled out in some of the select markets around the globe. It justifies the sports car tag with an open-top. Just imagine, you driving along on a smooth track on a bright sunny day breathing fresh air and cruising along in this ultimate machine. It is an ideal choice for you if it had been your dream of driving an open-top Vantage car with the best sporty look. The sleek design enhances its external beauty and you are surely going to get attention from the public. Aston Martin vantage gives you both the muscular strength and a great performance on road.

The technical specifications and features are similar to the Vantage Coupe which is another marvel from this popular brand. You ask for a feature and you have it already there. It can be the automatic temperature control, rain sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, so, the list of features goes on and on.

Due to a strong body which is a combination of the hardest of metals you would not experience the slightest of shakes when cruising at top speeds. Do not think about getting those jerks on roads with its advanced suspensions. It comes laced with the independent double wishbone in both the front and rear end which is considered the best for car suspensions. So, the vantage roadster gives you the smoothest of rides.

A look at it and you cannot resist taking a test drive. After the first drive you will always ask for more and would not like to come out of the car as it is really captivating. Go for this great sports car and burn the roads.

Source by Andrew Harting