After a stunningly exciting year for Panasonic, they have come out with a brilliant new fixture to their TV line, which is why I am compelled to write a Review Of The Panasonic Viera TXL37S20B. A Full HD 1080p screen is the main draw here, but its surprisingly good audio and plethora of connectivity options takes it well beyond the norm. Its even got some key new features, including a Freeview HD Tuner and full Skype compatibility. Anyone interested in a mid-level LCD TV with stunning picture and sound should be interested in the Panasonic TXL37S20B.

With 1080p, the Panasonic Viera TXL37S20 is a full HD TV, making it compatible with all types of HD production. Its scanning speed (frames per second), at 100Hz, is more than double the standard, producing breathtakingly fluid movement. One of the Panasonic Viera TX-L37S20s best picture features is its Contrast Auto Tracking System, or CATS, which checks your level of ambient light and adjusts the screen accordingly. CATS is less of a convenience and more of a necessity now that contrast ratio has skyrocketed; this television has 100,000:1. The Resolution Enhancer function helps bring this top clarity to even non-HD material, producing razor sharp detail and color contrast from standard input.

Audio is perhaps the Panasonic TX-L37S20s best feature. Its wide range and clarity are without compare among similar TVs, and there is no semblance of thinness or weakness here, even in its surround sound mode. With fully adjustable bass and treble settings, easily accessibly audio presets, and an equalizer, even audiophiles should be satisfied. Just make sure your neighbors are sitting down when you first introduce them to the system.

VIERA is the new software system used by Panasonic TVs, including the Panasonic TXL37S20. Its menu system is simple and elegant, and the picture and audio viewer allows you to flip through your media with complete ease. Skype is useful for anyone, and VIERAs built-in Skype functionality renders it easier than ever to access it. This TV also opens up the option to watch free HD channels like BBC HD from the UKs Freeview system with its included Freeview HD Tuner.

The Panasonic TX-L37S20B has a fully outfit of connective devices for all those with a large media device collection. Right off the bat its got three HDMI cables and two SCARTs, which should allow most people to leave their important connections without switching around. This TV also makes it easy to connect PCs, with both a D Sub Socket and an Ethernet port, and also game systems like Wii, with its composite video in. The SD slot is a major convenience for anyone with a digital camera or camcorder. The remote is easy to use, feels good in the hands and has that great added function of universality: program it to control pretty much any media device in your collection.

With so many crucial features, its no wonder people are flocking to the Panasonic Viera TX-L37S20B. From its sharp picture and sound to its array of add-on features, this LCD TV has something for even the most discerning shopper.

Source by Gerardo UY Hodge