Nokia launched its first touch screen phone with Xpress Music, GPS system operating on a high quality operating system S60; to compete against the much-awaited Apple iPhone 3G, which also have GPS system, and many features similar to Nokia operating on OS X. Both the phones have third-party applications, camera, touch screen, and other features.


Nokia 5800 (Tube) has a 640 x 360 pixels screen while the iPhone has just a 480 x 320 pixel screen. While the Tube is the winner in case of screen resolutions, it is the iPhone that surpasses Nokia 5800 in case of its touch screen features as it has two-hand usage, a multi-touch feature which is not so in the conservative Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. But the Nokia has a stylus given for better inputs.


The Nokia touch phone is more compact as compared to the iPhone with 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm (109 g) measurement against the iPhone that measures 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm (133 g). The Nokia is just 3 mm thicker. But eventually the iPhone is better in its assembling designs that are sturdy and gorgeous too.

But, it the Tube that wins over the other with its attractive black matte panel and thin stripped texture against glossy plastic which can easily be wearied and scratched, losing its charm.


Again the Nokia has better features than the iPhone in terms of camera quality and resolution. It has a 3.2MP Carl Zeiss, auto-focusing dual LED Flash camera against a simple 2 MP camera in the iPhone. Also Nokia has front cameras for video calls. iPhone does not have a proper feature for video capturing.


The Express Music phone has longer (406 hours) standby and (35 hours) continuous MP3 playback time as compared to the iPhone (300 hours and 24 hours respectively). But iPhone has a longer talk time (10 hours) over Nokia (8.45 hours).


The iPhone has online maps available only for GPS purposes while the Nokia has free maps on the phone with various other features.


The iPhone does not have external memory expansion slots and has a fixed memory of either 8 or 16 GB, while the Tube has an internal memory of 120 MB itself along with minimum external expansion of 8GB that can go up to 32 GB.


The iPhone has a 3.5mm audio jack and a firmware charger slot used for better synchronization than the Tube's micro USB and memory card slots with 3.5mm headset connectors.


One of the most important factors, Nokia again surpasses its competitor with a much cheaper price. Also, the iPhone is usually always locked to only one service provider which is not the case for the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

On the whole, if you see, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (Tube) is no far behind, and many a times far ahead than the Apple iPhone in terms of multiple features. It is a formidable competitor to the iPhone.

Source by Susan Hargreaves