The entire security personnel are obliged by the Security Industry Authority to carry out expert training so as to obtain a license that permits them to labor in the security trade. SIA training is not mandatory exclusively for security guards and door supervisors, as CCTV surveillance equipment controllers and monitors have to be licensed as well. Individuals who submit an application to work in the security trade have to prove that they have undergone and obtained certification for the appropriate SIA lessons.

For one to control or monitor closed circuit television apparatus whether they are used for community or personal assets, they have to embark on the appropriate classes and hence obtain the SIA license essential for doing the job. There is a great difference from individuals who examine unedited data from permanently fitted closed circuit television cameras, like guards in factories, and others who man CCTV infrastructure furnishing information at real time, and assisting disaster experts and law enforcement authorities.

An individual who has signed a deal to control CCTV apparatus for public space surveillance (PSS) in which case a permanently fitted camera or one with adjustments for focusing and zooming must undertake one of two SIA training courses customized for CCTV personnel. Such a person will be required to utilize the cameras to scrutinize the actions of workers, single characters or crowds and take the necessary action. The cameras may also be used to track the location wanted or missing people.

Apart from observing live camera footage, a CCTV employee may in addition be obliged to watch recorded clips so as to gain knowledge about a particular group or person, their behavior, find likely eyewitness, spot unlawful individuals, or those in the wrong places. This kind of work needs a proper system of execution and definite techniques which one must stick to, therefore the obligatory SIA training courses for CCTV and PSS personnel. Performing this kind of work with no relevant licensing may only be allowed if the employee is hired directly by the surveillance apparatus owner, called ‘in house' operative rather than ‘contracted' operative.

SIA training courses and the issuance of licenses to closed circuit television operatives are projected at harmonizing values in the security trade all over the country. Those who are not certain whether their workers or themselves need SIA training can get in touch with the Security Industry Authority at their website ( which specifies all prerequisites for CCTV controllers and additional responsibilities all over in the security employment.

Source by Prince Ahmad