The canon digital ixus 70 price is obviously going to vary from country to country and indeed state to state. Doing your due diligence on the cost of an Ixus 70 from Canon is vital to ensure you get the best deal going. Buying a digital camera, or anything else for that matter, online today is as safe as churches providing you do your research.

In Australia you can buy an Ixus 70 for around the $230-$250 mark from most reputable online stores. Bear in mind though that this particular model of canon digital camera has been superceded many times now with approximately 12 newer models on the market. The price will obviously increase with the latest technology included in each model.

As of writing I have checked on a popular auction site and there are no sales of the Canon Ixus 70 model but there are plenty of accessories available including batteries which are priced at $7.50, Chargers, which suit model numbers 30,40,65 and 70 in the Ixus range for about $14 and Ixus camera cases for around $15. Well worth comparing.

Of course there are cameras priced much cheaper but you will get what you pay for and I talk from experience here that the canon digital Ixus 70 price is well worth it considering all the features this camera has. It is a slimline little beauty which is stylish and compact.

Do not make your camera decision on price alone, There are other considerations such as look, feel, capabilities, repair costs and manuals and many more but for only $240 you cannot go wrong if you buy a canon digital ixus 70 for that price.

Finally, If you intend on searching for more information you could try these terms for best results. I have found these bring the most relevant results in your quest for your desired digital camera. Using the words “discount” or “cheap” or “discontinued” in front of the camera model usually works.

Source by Ian McWilliams