In March 2011, Canon introduced a new entry-level DSLR called the Canon T3i. It replaced the Canon T2i model that was introduced many years ago. Regarding its features, T3i Canon is more comfortable to handle as compared to the T2i and D60 model. If you want to have your own Canon T3i you should read on and know the technical specifications as well as the pros and cons of this unit.

Before buying the Canon T3i you should first know if the unit is perfect for you. When you buy this camera make sure that it could answer your photography and video needs. Thus, this unit is ideal for the following:

  1. Average camera user – If you want to obtain quality pictures in just a point and click then the T3i is the best camera for you. It provides more options in such a way that the user can use his or her creativity.
  2. Smart buyer – For buyers who are not satisfied with the performance of T2i you can consider the T3i Canon because it has all the features that you are looking for. Likewise, you can ensure to get the value of your money when you buy the Canon Rebel T3i.
  3. Photographer – If you are looking for camera that can be upgraded, the Canon T3i is the best choice available for you. The good thing about this innovation of Canon is that it allows customization of filters, lenses and other features.

The Features of Canon T3i

The first time you take a look at Canon T3i you will be amazed by its style and form. While it has similarity with the mid-range DSLRs and other entry level DSLRs on the market, the T3i has the coolest features especially on its back. It has 3-inch vari-angle LCD and impressive 1 million pixels. It is more flexible as compared to Nikon camera and the user can press the shutter even holding the camera overhead or low. When you use the T31 Canon you can venture new angles when taking pictures.

Likewise, when you use the optical viewfinder you can protect the screen by turning it around. In addition, the lens is the most notable feature of Canon T3i. It has a built-in remote sensor, 4-pinhole mic and preview buttons. On the top of the camera is the hot shoe, the mode dial, ISO and display buttons. This makes the adjustment very convenient.

The Performance and Use

The Canon T3i is enjoyable to shoot as it quickly focuses and respond. The menu system is very easy to follow that is why even new buyers can use it conveniently. The color of the picture is not affected even when shooting in direct sunlight. In like manner, the T3i is not only for photography but also for video.

Source by Jenny Lange