The introduction of the interchangeable zoom lens known as the Lumix G VARIO HD 14-140mm and the F4. 0-5.8ASPH/MEGA 0.1.5 are no doubt exceptional tools in the market when you realise that the company is making giant strides in ensuring that this product remains the best when it comes to lens production.

With the introduction of these set of lenses, photography and movie recording will become an easy and enjoyable experience because the contrast system now works faster and more accurate. At the same time it will give you a wide and long zoom range of up to 14-140mm which will be ideal for taking shots from scenery to portraits or telephoto using the micro four thirds system standard.

More so, the new Lumix lens are known to have four spherical lenses which comes with two ED lenses that aid efficient downsizing of production. An important feature worthy of note is the optical image stabilizer known as Mega 0.1.5 that efficiently reduces effects of blurring occasioned by unsteady snap shots taken in motion or by unprofessional hands.

In addition, the DMC-GHI Lumix G micro camera system is remarkable for its ability to work efficiently with the advanced contrast AF system having a face recognition function to bring out the best in quality when taking memorable shots. The camera also boasts of multi-coated lens elements, which enables the lens obscure ghost and other foreign objects during production.

For professionals who might be interested in taking shots for larger aperture settings the Panasonic Lumix lens has a provision for seven blades that enables the aperture to develop a rounded shape which in turn can be used to reproduce smooth effects from out of focus areas.

The new image stabilizer introduced into the market by Panasonic as one of its leading products, is made up of a micro four third super zoom lens. This stride is in continuation of their efforts at improving technological advancement in the industry.

The Lumix lens just introduced into the market was made to function alongside the mainframe of the DMC-GHI in order to enable it useful for both video and photography functionalities. In the course of recording multimedia photography the Lumix G VARIO HD 14-140mm and the FA 0-5.8ASPH mega pixels are invaluable equipments with the new silent focusing system, which ensures continuous AF without impeding the staples aperture control.

This new range of digital cameras by Panasonic has also ensured that you can now achieve 28-280mm equivalent of focal length range in both the Lumix G VARIO HD 14-140mm and the FA 0- 5.8ASPH mega pixels which is smaller in percentage and even lighter than the previous equivalents produced by the company. From the foregoing it is evident that the Panasonic Lumix digital camera is state of the art digital equipment comparable to just very few in the market, equipment worth having for capturing your memorable events.

Source by Manuel Merz