Milwaukee recently released a new line of 12v lithium-ion power tools, a comprehensive line-up containing more that a handful of power tools that will activate any crafters tool lust. Among them is their M12 M-Spector, a digital inspection camera with the sophisticated technologies and the heavy duty chops to deliver an entirely new way of looking at your jobsites.

The 2310-21 M-Spector features a totally advanced digital imaging technology that, when pictured on the camera's 2.4″ high-resolution (and color!) LCD display, provides users with the ability to see one's work environment, and to see inside, behind, and beyond that work environment in a vastly improved way. In fact, the camera provides crystal clear visibility into places on your jobsite that would be otherwise impossible to reach. The thing allows you to easily look into pipes and drains, to see behind walls, and get your eyes into dark, tiny, awkward, and otherwise unreachable spaces.

The camera's digital imaging technology delivers truly superior image quality and clarity of picture ensuring you're seeing exactly what's in front of you. So, whether what's in front of you is inside a pipe or behind a wall, the M-Spector feeds you a clear picture, and with an adjustable 2x zoom capability and LED brightness control (with digital glare reduction), you'll never be surprised by the things that lurk in unseen spaces.

The camera also features a detachable, flexible, durable and water tight 3-foot extension cable with a small camera head at its end. The extension cable is narrow enough to get into, get underneath and get around small spaces – in fact, the thing squeeze into openings as little as 3/4″ in diameter. This extension allows you to get into the real meat of those impossible to reach areas, and because this cable can combine with others like it, users benefit from a possible 9-feet of camera extension dramatically growing a worker's range and quality of visibility.

As if empowering you with super seeing abilities on the jobsite wasn't quite good enough, Milwaukee's inspection camera is also ergonomically comfortable to hold and operate. In fact, designed for comfortable one-handed use, the camera is entirely optimized for user convenience. Also running on Milwaukee's exclusive RedLithium battery technology, the camera boasts 15 long hours of consecutive run-time and a charging system that fully charges a battery in just 30-minutes.

Source by Mallory Kramer