Some of the most efficacious, recognized establishments inculcate mythological allegory and symbolism in their name branding, giving awareness to the consumers making the products more recognizable to them.

Patrons of these companies which bear mythological names in their company names have shown inclination and appreciation for the recognizable names they've fashioned for their companies. Mythology, be it Roman or Greek has influenced the lives of many people until the present day; this is perhaps the reason they are drawn to mythology-inspired company names.

Nike famed haste with a name derived from the Greek goddess of victory. Amazon fashioned a powerful brand name with its female warrior namesake; Olympus entitled their own brands of cameras after the place where the god and goddesses met.

Starbucks had one of the most recognizable logos in the market today, an image of a mermaid, borrowed the representation of a siren to mimic the influential, inexorable attraction of their products.In an effort to re-brand their armor image into a more cutting-edge, global-warming subtle logo, the oil company BP selected the Greek, white, green and yellow colored Helios emblem, which signified the power of sunlight.

The wide-reaching auto business is one of the major fabricators of mythology-inspired product names, with new models released every year that arouse symbols of influence and power. A mythical bird of fire and rebirth of Pontiac's Phoenix is one of the famous examples; Honda's Odyssey was named after the epic war; and Ford's Mercury and Orion was named after the god of communication and streets, and the slayer of beasts. Volkswagen, Buick and Toyota also used mythology-inspired names for some of their products, Eos, Electra and Echo. And a brand name for the entire company, Saturn, was coined after Zeus' father.

Mythology most definitely would not let the food industry escape its influence. Food industries based many of its symbols on mythological characters. Who doesn't give in to the temptation of the candy company's Mars chocolate? It was named after the Roman's god of war. While the international corporation, Poseidon Seafood makes use of the god of the sea as its symbol for their fish products. Trident gum coined its name after Zeus' weapon, the trident (thunderbolt); and Ambrosia Natural Foods went as far as the food of the gods in naming their corporation.

Mythology is everywhere! You come across words, names, companies, signage, and literary works almost daily. Whether you realize it or not, you kind of live in the past mythology at present.

Source by Bonnie Dell Doguiles