The LG KF700 Virgo is indeed a very beautiful phone. The phone's main attraction is its 3-inch LCD touch screen. The touch screen enables you to perform various functions. These functions include typing text as well as email messages. The phone also enables the uses to browse the internet. The users can also shooting video and still photographs.

The touch screen of LG KF700 Virgo is highly responsive. The screen also vibrates whenever a user enters a command. This feature provides the users with a better physical experience of touching the phone's screen. This vibrating feature also comes while typing in a SMS text message or a phone number.

The numeric or alphabetic keypad on the screen of the LG KF700 Virgo is also very good. It works like a standard mobile phone keypad. However there obviously are no mechanical buttons. This phone also has a 5.1 mega pixel camera. The camera has features like, Image stabilizer, MF, AF, ISO 800 and smart light. The phone's camera can slit at one of its ends. Given there is a xenon flash and auto focus light along with the lens.

LG KF700 Virgo has camera functions and modes that are very similar to the one present in the compact digital cameras. The users can adjust the image sizes and also the picture quality. There also is an option for white balance. Also the blur in the pictures can be reduced with the help of a digital stabilization function.

The best feature of LG KF700 Virgo is the function for photo editing; the function helps to add music, text and some morphing effects to the pictures. The phones' camera lens is surrounded by a sliding disc. The disc helps the users for scrolling through menus. It also allows them to zoom in and out of the web pages. The users can even adjust the call volume and camera zoom. This phone also lets the users shoot video at 120 frames per second. This video can also be uploaded.

LG KF700 Virgocomes with a stylus pen that makes the operations easy.


Source by Faith Hill