So, you have bought your prized possession- a nice Nikon digital camera. Now you should take good care of your digi cam so that it becomes your trusted companion for many years to come. Given below are few important steps that are required to maintain your camera.

Care Of Nikon Digital camera Lens

Lens is the most important and delicate part of the digi cam. Hence, maintenance of the lens is of utmost importance. You will get good quality pictures if the lens is clean and clear, without scratches. You can enhance the life of your Nikon digital camera lens by following the given tips.

  • Read the lens care instructions given in the manual carefully.
  • When not in use, cover your lens with the lens cover to avoid exposure to dust and sunlight.
  • Keep your fingers and hands off your digi cam lens. Otherwise, you will find prints of your fingers and hands on the photographs.
  • Always use a good lens cleaning kit for cleaning the lens of your cam. This kit contains a cleaning fluid and cleaning cloth that's meant specifically for cleaning the lens.
  • Storing The camera

    Always store your instrument in a sturdy and shock resistant bag to protect it from dust and scratches. Also, remove the batteries from the cam before storing it. This helps to protect the camera from any leakage in the batteries.

    Protection From Extreme Weather

    You should protect your cam from all extreme weather conditions like rain, very hot and extremely cold temperatures. You can use special weatherproof digi cam cases for this purpose.

    Handle With Care

    It is a delicate gadget. So, take utmost care while handling it. Your instrument would not be able to handle any impacts due to fall.

    If you follow the above stated tips, the performance of your Nikon digital camera will remain exemplary for years and years and you can enjoy a truly wonderful experience of clicking pictures.

    Source by Bruce D Hunter