As a little deviation from the usual Nancy Drew games by Her Interactive, the Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses game presents our favorite teen detective in a whole new light with a more casual gaming appeal. This time around, Nancy stars in a hidden object adventure as she investigates a seemingly cursed Hollywood production remake of the famous movie “Pharaoh” and in the process, tries to solve the mystery behind it all.

For this investigation, Nancy's employer is the producer, Molly McKenna as Nancy works undercover being the new production assistant. You see, ever since the beginning of the project, strange accidents had been happening throughout the set and many of these accidents are even life-threatening and very much serious. It seems that the production was cursed at first, since shot in the same spot was the original “Pharaoh” movie where the leading actress died. But after some careful snooping, Nancy will have to prove the opposite, that everything is clearly and utterly just sabotage work.

Unlike the previous Nancy Drew games, there's not much freedom in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses, but follows a strict flow of the storyline from start to finish. There are two tasks you have to do in the actual game interface, with the first one making you find all the clues in particular scene, and the second task is to interact with all of these objects in order to clear out your most recent mission.

Even though not listed, finding all of the objects is easy enough since sparks fly whenever Nancy knows she's up to something. The real challenge comes in your second task as you try to interact with and combine various objects together to achieve your desired results. Successful combination and interaction with the objects will acquire you combo points whenever done in succession. The combo stops when you make a mistake, and believe me, you'll definitely desire to make every combo possible in this game.


Source by Ruff Bismonte