First off here's why I like this camera so much and why it's my favorite:

The D90 has a very solid tight feel that is well balanced with the included 10-105 VR lens. This camera once turned on is ready to go and shoots very fast. The direct access buttons are easy to press and provide very good feedback feel to the touch. This helps a lot as your not digging into the menus which means you can work much faster.

I kind of thought that the lens which came with it would be average at best, it actually turned out to be a nice surprise. Everything comes out very sharp and crisp looking.

The size of the camera is a perfect fit for me and I've heard from others the same comment. Ergonomically it fits really well in your hands and is very comfortable.

The LCD which is a hi resolution screen is pretty amazing. Everything is so bright and clear and easy to see all the details.

The AF is a little slow but very accurate.

One of the things which I don't like about it, is the video quality is not that great. I didn't buy the camera for video and hardly use that function anyway so it's not that big of a negative in my opinion.

Having owned the camera for over a year now I can honestly say I have no regrets with my purchase. This wasn't the case with my old camera (which is why I bought this one). I've seen other pro cameras that cost a lot more money and this camera has no problem keeping up with them. The pictures that it takes are just as good as the more expensive cameras too.

There are a couple small points that if you are a pro and looking at this camera that are a little irksome. If you're going to shoot with studio lights there isn't a sync port so you'll have to shell out $20 for an AS-15 sync adapter. The other point is that flash sync speed is 1/200 not 1/250 like some of the more expensive models. This only really matters if you're shooting in a studio and using studio lights to get rid of as much ambient light as possible. For the average person, likely they would never miss that.

All in all this is a fantastic deal and a camera that you should be able to enjoy for many, many years.

Source by Paul Nagel