I really love getting into genealogy research. But one thing that has always bothered me was the size of the images that I wanted to take pictures of for my own records. That's when I came across the Olympus digital camera 740. This camera has some of the best zooming capabilities on the market and when it comes to value for money, well it's hard to beat.

With a 10 x optical zoom and a 3 x digital zoom, the 740 is a handy little unit. Some of the newer cameras on the market only come with a 3 x optical zoom. I know this is great news for me taking pictures of those old photographs. I just set up my Olympus digital camera 740 on a tripod, adjust my lighting and take the shots – it's all as easy as 1, 2, 3! Now we have detailed digital records of our old family pictures to hand down through our future generations.

But taking pictures ins one thing, being able to download them easily is another. I just hook up the USB cable to my Olympus d740 and move the images to my pc or laptop. You have the added bonus of a memory card so you cans tore and record all your shots in one go.

When it comes to genealogy and recording our family treasures, the Olympus digital camera 740 certainly gets my vote. It has exceptional zooming capabilities and easy to master manual controls. With a 3.2 mega pixel resolution, these pictures transfer nicely to print, and are a very easy to transfer size for sharing via email. The Olympus digital camera 740 is a great tool when it comes to tracing your ancestry and I highly recommend it.

Source by Bobby Miller