If you want to learn more about the Panasonic HD camcorder, you've come to the right place. Before you buy a camcorder, it is only practical that you know the specs and features of the brand that you are getting.

Check whether the features you can get from the camcorder you're considering to buy are worth the price.

The Panasonic HD Camcorder provides the user with different frame rate acquisitions. It depends on the kind of model. One can check an online quote to see the different specs provided by each Panasonic HD camcorder.

The frame rates range from 4 fps to 60 fps per increment. The frame rates also change whenever the camcorder is recording.

It was specifically designed for high quality production. It can be used for 60 fps or just like the cameras used when making movies, this camcorder can reach up to 24 fps for each acquisition.

Whenever this rate is reached, then the high operation is processed which is very appropriate for slow motion effects. It can also be configured that it would be processed to speed up motion.

Also, the varying frame rates are connected to the shutter speeds. One can adjust it and make ghost like motion blur effects by coordinating the warp speed zoom effects as well as the long exposure still shots.

This is often seen in sci fi dramas, music videos, and dream sequences. With it, the user can make his own visual effects.

It can also emulate the gradual transfer function performance which is otherwise known as the CineGamma.

This function increases the usable dynamic range of the camcorder which is especially useful in limiting the areas like highlight handling. This is said to be a limitation for a majority of camcorder models.

However, with the Panasonic HD camcorder, the user has a closer approximation of the film because of its ability to maintain the smooth image and clear tones while compressing the extreme highlight feature.

Cinematographers turn to Panasonic HD camcorder so that they can control the gamma transfer function in order to optimize and control the full tonality of their image.

They can highlight this to focus on the shadow areas. With the Panasonic HD camcorder, this can be done in a jiffy.

In a nutshell, it has three roles: 1.) it serves as a 24 fps camera 2.) it can also be used as a 60 fps video camera and 3.) its variable frame rate provides special effects for the images and the videos.

Source by Ricky Lim