With the many television products to choose from in the market today, how do you choose? You can look at a variety of features but the only way you can guarantee value is when you can get a feature-packed television for a good price. Panasonic TX-L37U10B is one that is hoping to offer exactly this to their target market – a no non-sense LCD TV that does not wreck your budget. Was it successful in doing so? Read more below to find out.

Product Details

The Panasonic TX-L37U10B is a 37-inch LCD TV that is shipped in at an approximate weight of 31 kg. For its price, you can enjoy a decent range of features on your television and the unit is even shipped with a wall mount bracket. Thus, you can easily place it onto your wall to save space in your living room.

As for the actual unit itself, it is a full HD TV that is integrated with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also features a dynamic contrast ratio of 40,000:1 to offer depth into the colours displayed on-screen.

What Technologies Are Available?

There is a substantial amount of technological features available in the Panasonic TX-L37U10B that would offer much value to its price. It delivers advanced technologies in both the audio and video aspect, thus combining the essential formula for a quality home entertainment experience.

Connecting With Other Devices

Maximum connectivity has been a standard for all Panasonic television; thus, it is important to look into what connectivity options are available in this model before you decide to buy.

There is an SD memory card slot available wherein you can insert the SD memory card from your digital camera or camcorder to display content such as videos or photos onto the large 37-inch screen. You can use this connectivity feature for showing video files in AVCHD format. If your device lacks an SD card, you can also utilize the HDMI input option. The Panasonic Lumix digital camera can be connected to your TV in this same way, such that you will be using an HDMI cable to connect both devices together. You can therefore use it to display video coverage real-time on the TV screen.

Setting Up The Television

The set up process for this Panasonic TV is quite simple. There is no need for you to have technical know-how to figure out how things go together, just switch on and enjoy HD viewing at your own living room.

There is an auto tuning feature incorporated here such that you can configure your viewing experience according to what content you prefer. It is very simple with the electronic programming guide (EPG) that enables you to view program schedules up to a week ahead. Now, you will never have to miss a single episode of your favourite show. It therefore makes planning your viewing that much easier. And knowing that it is integrated with a built-in HD Freeview tuner, you can choose from a wide array of HD channels to suit your entertainment taste.

Pricing Information

Interested in buying the Panasonic TX-L37U10B? This product is available at a suggested retail price of around £399 across leading online retailers. In addition, you can also get a manufacturer's warranty such that you can maximize value for this product.

The Bottom Line

The TX-L37U10B is one of Panasonic's latest range of LCD televisions. It is a decent option for those looking to buy a new television set but have a limited budget to spend for it. It excels in the audio and video technology, while also incorporating enough range of features to ensure your enjoyment of any content you might have available.

Source by Alex Bradbury