Most camera enthusiasts have, by now, upgraded to the new phantom flex camera which is more advanced than the phantom HD gold cameras. However, the old camera is still holding on to the market share and a lot of firms are providing phantom HD camera for rent too. There are many refurbished cameras available in stores country wide.

Vissionreasearch – the company that came up with the phantom HD cameras revolutionized the motion picture industry and when at their peak, were top rated for MPEG compression films. They made slow motion picture shooting a thing of the past. One of the most loyal customers for the phantom HD cameras was cinealliance a reputable motion picture company that specializes in production of high resolution HD content. The phenomenal frame rates achieved by the camera, ranges from one frame per second to one thousand frames per second, makes it the most suitable camera for high resolution video.

The phantom HD gold camera comes with great inbuilt storage space for your video files with the size ranging from 8 GB,16 GB and 32 GB. The phantom HD gold camera is probably the best high speed camera on the market with its great field depth of 35 mm. Its ability to freeze photographs reduces motion blur in movies is made possible by the highly sensitive sensor which features 12.5 micron pixel size. It has a 2-microsecond's exposure time and an electronic shutter that really makes the experience of high speed shooting very satisfactory.

The phantom HD gold camera offers an on-board trigger mechanism and a software based triggering system that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is also compatible with HD screens and viewfinders and this makes it possible to view your results immediately rather than having to wait to first produce your handiwork. Its compatibility with the CineMag flash cartridge makes it possible to continuously capture video for hours.

The package comes with a windows laptop camera control unit to allow you to install the driver and software on your laptop so that you can enjoy the capabilities of your camera. There is the remote camera trigger for when you want shoot scenes like the African lions in the wild from a distance. The Ethernet cables to connect to your computer and power cables for your camera are also included. So, I would say you can't really go wrong with this offer.


Source by Jyotsna Ramani