Till date, Sony has manufactured a number of products which attract the fancy of consumers and fulfill their dreams of having the best product. Sony is a world leader in the field of electronic products. All the products from the house of Sony are designed with latest technology and user-friendly designs. When you look for camcorders, it has to be Sony camcorder if you want only the best.

The Sony Handycam DCR – SR85 is a one of the best handycams available in the market. The technology used for designing this camcorder is highly advanced. Before purchasing video camera, you need to research about the features these cameras offer. In addition, try to find out your own requirements and choices about the features.

This Sony camcorder has large memory of about 60 GB. This kind of memory is not seen even in many modern computers. This much large memory can store huge bundle of information for you. It can capture continuous recording times of up to 41 hours. This handycam has powerful zoom option which can magnify the image up to twenty five times. With the help of this option, you can capture even tight close-ups. Several other camcorders are unable to do that.

This handycam is equipped with Hybrid movie recording on an optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media card and hard drive, both. It enhances its recording options. You can store up 11 hour's of recording on the Sony's new 16GB media card.

You transfer the movies and photos from the hard drive to the media card without using a PC. It also features a new built-in zoom microphone which helps record clear sound by zooming in on the subjects. It records audio in Dolby Digital 2-channel audio sound.

This Sony camera also integrates the HDD Smart Protection system form the Sony. This feature includes physical shock absorbers, video stream buffering and G-sensor shock protection. The Sony SR85 features a 1 MP CCD imager for first-rate video and 1 MP photos. It has a 2-7 inch LCD touch panel screens for viewing eth footage and easy framing. You can easily search scenes by face and by voice and color using the Picture Motion Browser software in it.

According to Kelly Devis, the director of the camcorder marketing at Sony Electrionics “Our new hard drive models incorporate intelligent and fun-to-use functions that will make people feel more confident in their moviemaking abilities”. You can search online to read reviews about various Sony camcorders before you make a choice.


Source by Monty Alexander