The Sony Ericsson C901 is the new cyber shot smart phone launched by Sony which sparkles with its powerful features.


The C901 is a rectangular shaped cool mobile smart phone that comes in three exciting colors of black, peach and silver. The face of the phone is occupied by a TFT screen with a width of 2.2 inches and a T9 numeric physical key pad that joins below the screen.

All buttons of the phone are finger friendly and strategically placed for ergonomics. The camera lens can also be very easily accessed by just sliding open the active lens cover. There are dedicated camera buttons for quick picture snapping. At 107 the phone is light and portable. The phone's accelerometer allows auto rotation of the phone.

Communication Features

The Sony Ericsson C901 supports text input, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, email and corporate messaging with exchange active sync. The phone book, organizer, notes, timer, tasks, clock, calendar, alarm, calculator and flight mode aspects provide competent support for your communication in daily life. Speaker phones enhance audio quality. The Sony Ericsson C901 features a quad band GSM for voice.


The Sony C901 has a 5 Mega pixel camera with high end attributes for a perfect shot. The auto focus provides perfect focus for a crisp photograph. The smile detection feature guarantees photographs with smiling faces. The 16 times digital zoom furthers assists in taking quality pictures.

The superior xenon flash makes photos brighter in dark conditions. The face detection attribute, photo feeds, smart contrast, photo fix, geo tagging and Best pic are other bonus features that the camera presents to enhance the quality of photographs. Picture blogging feature lets you upload your photos on the internet.

Multimedia Features

The Sony Ericsson C901 has a media player for listening to your favorite tracks. The Track ID attribute assists track recognition whereas the sound quality is augmented by mega bass feature. Album art aspect is also transfused in the phone. FM radio with RDS is also present in the phone. Bluetooth connectivity makes wireless listening plausible.

The Sony C901 has video recording capabilities. The main camera itself performs video calling. Video stabilizer, video light and red eye reduction attributes of the C901 helps you record quality videos. Video blogging is also supported by the phone. The phone allows access to You Tube.

Video viewing and video streaming functions are also supported by the phone. This latest Sony Ericsson is also a platform for both 3D games and motion games. Internet experience on the phone is enhanced by 3G data network support (dual band HSPA) and internet technologies like web feeds, wap and a superior browser.

The phone's Google Maps application helps you find the way to new places. GPS facility is available on the phone. It has a good battery life with 9.5 hours talk time and a standby time of 430 hours.

The Sony Ericsson C901 is a great choice if you want a functional and stylish camera phone.

Source by Andrew Ramsey