The Nokia N9 is an ideal choice for those looking for an alternative to the many iOS, Android and Windows operated devices out there. It runs the MeeGo Harmattan operating system and has a number of impressive key features like an 8 megapixel camera and 1 GHz processor as well as an advanced touchscreen. In this article I will take a closer look at the camera feature of the device.

The camera on the Nokia N9 operates at 8 megapixels, and is capable of producing great results thanks to its resolution of 3264x 2448. This means that photos appear with high levels of detail and clarity, even when viewed on the phone's 3.9 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. As well as still images, the camera is also able to capture video footage, with the highest setting at 720p (high definition). Using the camera is very simple; thanks to the easy to use interface provided by the MeeGo interface. Simply tap the camera icon on the homescreen, and the camera interface will appear on the screen. This has a frame in the middle of the screen which aids manual zooming and ensures that the subject of your photo is centrally aligned. The settings are conveniently placed along the left side of the camera interface, allowing instant access, should you wish to edit or disable/enable settings such as autofocus, face detection and the LED flash settings. To the right of the camera interface is a shortcut to toggle between the standard camera and video modes, a shortcut to the gallery where you can view previous images and videos, and of course the capture button. The hardware of the camera is among the best; like the Nokia N8, the camera boasts Carl Zeiss optics which is a famous manufacturer of premium camera lens technology.

When you have used the camera to either take a photo or shoot a video, you have several options. You can immediately view it in the gallery, where you can then choose to instantly upload it to a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, or a dedicated sharing site like Flickr or YouTube. There is a TV-out socket on the side of the Nokia N9 which allows you to connect the phone to a compatible TV, which allows you to stream your images and videos which is ideal for showing off your handiwork to a group of people or simply enjoy your results on a bigger screen.

Thanks to its impressive functionality and ease of use, the camera on the Nokia N9 is well worth a closer look if the camera is an important aspect of smartphone use for you. It may not have the same level of popularity as the iPhone series, or the numerous Android devices from various manufacturers but don't let this deter you. With features like Carl Zeiss optics, it is able to compete with the more expensive camera phones.

The Nokia N9 is currently available on SIM free deals in the UK, which offers the flexibility to choose your preferred network and tariff by installing the appropriate SIM card.

Source by Chris C Wesley