Mobiles such as Samsung J700 pink and Samsung U900 Soul can be used for entertainment purposes too. The handsets make it possible for people to avail connectivity from any service provider with ease.

The Samsung J700 pink and Samsung u900 soul are known for their looks and design. The handsets are loaded with features that make it possible for people to stay connected with others easily. The GSM functionality of the handsets is the reason why these phones remain active even when they are carried to distant places of the world.

The Samsung J700 pink connects with 2G network. Thus, the users can avail all the latest features offered by the service provider. The device measures 99.5 x 48 x 14.8 mm and weighs 92 gms. Its display screen is capable of providing 65 K colour and gives 128 x 160 pixels resolution. The users can watch videos and play games on this screen. These options are very exciting for the entertainment of people.

The mobile has some very fascinating ring-tones that raise people to a high state of ecstasy whenever the phone rings. Besides the 2 GB memory card of the phone is used to store every sort of ring-tone either downloaded from the internet or accessed by sharing with others. This memory also allows storing of other sorts of files. The mobile connects with alternative options such as GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB port. These options allow people to stay connected all the while by making use of wireless options such as Bluetooth or other alternative means. This handset is also very fruitful for messaging purposes. The SMS, MMS and EMS are the options available for users of the phone to send messages. The users can also make use of its WAP browser to surf the internet at high speed. People can surf the net and download files very easily.

The mobile also has options of a camera, FM radio and MP3 player that brings entertainment in the lives of the users. The camera is often used to capture scintillating pictures and videos. The battery of the phone gives 250 hrs of standby time and 3 hrs of talk-time. This battery allows the usage of the camera or music player without any interruption.

The Samsung U900 Soul is also a lovely looking phone with enhanced capabilities. This phone has 2G and 3G network connections and so users can rely on it to access the latest features of network providers. The gadget has a display screen that gives 240 x 320 pixels resolution. So, watching videos or pictures on this screen becomes eventful. The handset also has the capability to download entertainment files from the internet for the use of people.

The mobile has various other options of entertainment. The 5 MP camera of the mobile is used to capture scintillating pictures and videos. The music player of the mobile also allows the playing of music in formats such as MP3, AAC, eACC+ and WMA. Then there is also the FM radio that is used for entertainment of people as it regularly broadcasts several radio programs. These programs are hosted by the radio jockeys who add spice to the entertainment. The mobile is also furnished with connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. So, transferring of files to or from other gadgets becomes very simple. The mobile has a battery that gives 407 hrs of standby time and 6 h 25 min of talk-time. Thus users find it very easy to make use of the device to stay connected for a long duration of time.

Both Samsung J700 pink and Samsung U900 Soul are available at reasonable price rates. It is actually possible for any person to buy the phone. The handsets can be used with any network service provider.

Source by Adam Jaylin