Many people today want to travel light to save them from too much hassle and stress. Carrying bulky stuff and baggage can take its toll on one's body particularly when you're traveling to a far place with several transit points. But thankfully when it comes to photo opportunities, consumers are lucky today to have the compact cameras.

The compact camera has become more advanced through the years with some of them even having the capability of the DSLR. As long as one knows how to take care of it and use it properly, you can be sure to have this photographic device for a long time.

This type of camera comes in the regular and the waterproof models. So whether you're fond of shooting on land or at the beach area or even underwater, there is one fit for your lifestyle.

If you're in search of a great compact digital camera you can invest in, make sure to do a little research first and find out about each of their features. This will help you in the comparison aspect and guide you before making a decision.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 – This point-and-shoot camera is a tough one as it can stand rough treatment. It can fit in your pocket and is water resistant as well as dust. You can use this camera underwater up to a depth of 10 feet and you'll still be able to get quality images. Performance and quality of images and videos are very good. Other advantages are its wide angle lens, long battery life and HD movie capture capability.

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX9 – Speed is this camera's edge over its competition. Its movie capture feature can use 60 frames per second. It boasts of a slim (0.7 inch thick only) and sleek design, wide angle lens, touch screen LCD and as long as you're okay with low-light photo quality, this device is good to use. Despite its small size, this camera is considered a high-end in today's market what with its 3D functionality.

Canon PowerShot S95 – This is a well-designed digital camera that expert photographers can use as a good alternative when not using their DSLRs. Despite its tiny size, it is capable of producing quality photos and it's easy to use owing to a complete set of manual controls. Another great feature of this unit is its ability to capture clear and focused photos under natural lighting users won't even have to use a flash.

Samsung DualView TL225 – This one has a dual screen design with big and efficient touch screen feature. It can also capture high definition video and images. There are some issues, though, such as the short battery life and the lens that is prone to collecting dust and debris.

Pentax Optio W90 – Its design alone is already an attraction. But apart from the aesthetics, this camera unit boasts of great features and the ability to capture quality images. It's waterproof, shockproof and even freezeproof the reason why this is very ideal for the outdoor photography enthusiasts and the frequent travelers.

Source by Kalyan Kumar