When people think digital cameras, they usually want something quite small, something small enough to be put in your pocket for example. For this, you are usually best off buying an ultra compact, or more commonly a compact. Ultra compact digitals are often too small, so people usually go with a compact. There are quite a few digital compact cameras which are popular sellers, and evidently some of the best performers.

The first camera on the list is the PowerShot G10 by Canon. It is the most advanced and expensive compact released by Canon currently. The camera has the benefit of offering the functionality of a DSLR, while having the size of a compact. The camera offers a staggering 14.7 megapixels, while having a 4 image processor which allows for much faster working of the camera. This also drastically improves image quality. The LCD is a typical 3 inch screen, though it has a much higher solution than regular screens. One of the best features of the camera is its zoom lens. It carries a 140mm zoom lens, which gives users a wider view. Other features include a RAW mode, optical imagine stabilizer, viewfinder, and several shooting modes. Unquestionably, the PowerShot G10 is the best digital compact in the market.

The Lumix DMC-LX3 is one of the best out there, for many reasons. The camera has a 16:9 ratio image, and a decent 10 megapixels. The camera also includes a standard 3 inch LCD screen, and some other special features including a Venus Engine IV image processor, and an extended ISO range. The camera consists of 2.5x zoom and a 24-60mm wide lens. The lens is made to work best with features such as optical image stabilizer and many manual controls. The camera was made after the famous LX2, and many say it has proven to be “the next best thing”. The camera comes at a heavy price, though reviews show that it is money well spent. Panasonic calls it one of the best compact digitals they have released.

Coming at third is the Ricoh GX200, but nonetheless, just as powerful of a camera as the top two. It is a camera used more commonly by professionals, and many professionals enjoy it because of its compact size. The camera contains features that are not found on many others camera. These include a 24-72mm, 3x optical zoom lens, along with optical image stabilizer. The camera itself is 25mm thick, which is very easy for users to put in their pocket and carry around conveniently. Users have complete control over settings such a exposure, a great feature. The main features of the camera include its 12 megapixel addition, and a 2.7 inch LCD screen. Evidently, this camera as well comes with quite a heavy price of about $500 (at cheapest). Nonetheless, it is money well spent.

Source by Chris Campbell