Sony Ericsson is considered to be one of the top three mobile manufacturers in the world. The  models exude a style and glamor quotient that is substantiated by few other mobile devices in the world.  Like other mobile manufacturers, the company has a flurry of products that cater to various segments of the market – right from the beginners market to the more expensive markets. The most famous models are the K Series and the W series. Here is information about both the series.

K Series:

The Sony Ericsson K Series has models with enhanced cameras, armed with the CyberShot technology. These cell phones are actually one of the best camera ready mobile phones, as they have most of the advanced features and the digital sauce that make an entry level digital camera.When the K series was first launched, digital cameras were quite expensive, and it would good sense to buy a mobile phone with a digital camera attached for the budget buyer. However, with the depleting prices of electronic devices today, one can buy a basic digital camera in almost half the price of a SE mobile phone. The K series still makes a logical buying option for people who are not professional photographers but just want a good quality camera to capture some beautiful memories.

The W Series

The W Series of SE phones are the Walkman series, which have the Walkman technology implemented within the phones. This allows the phones to be pretty good portable digital media players. The Walkman series has been considered to be the major factor in reviving mobile phone sales for SE. With the W series, one gets an enhanced player as well as more options than many other phones that have MP3 playing capabilities. The W series phones were the first ones to offer features like bass player, changing the tempo of the music, etc.

Over the past few years, Sony Ericsson has added quite some interesting models to both the series. While the K series mobile phones are considered to offer the best mobile photography quality, the W series is undoubtedly the fastest selling mobile devices with MP3 playing technology.  Also, SE has come out with various other series, like the Z series and the series-less models that are quite a rage in mobile markets today.

So, if you are looking for a SE phone and are deciding about whether you should buy a K series or a W series phone, keep these tips in mind.

Source by Roy Daniel Dsilva