Like many Filipinos, instant cameras are social by nature. You take a shot, print, and share-whether it's tacked on the fridge, pinned on a scrapbook, or kept in a wallet, the Instax Square SQ10 is a gem for anyone who loves to preserve memories. In the Philippines, where big family reunions always mean heaps of relatives, lots of food, and countless “picture-taking” of well, food and family, cameras are a major staple. Apart from the usual “Ay, ang laki mo na!” quip from your tita, you can always count on the frequent picture-taking moments.

Since the advent of social media, Filipinos have become more digitally savvy-you'll see daily posts of food, travels, or even OOTDs on Instagram and Facebook. With the (re)introduction of the instant camera here in the Philippines, it gave many young Filipinos another way to express themselves. Instant cameras quickly became a trendy accessory and as the years went by, Fujifilm has built a strong library of excellent instant cameras, and recently, with its release of the new SQ10, many photo-enthusiasts are flocking to stores to learn more about it.

What sets the SQ10 apart from other Instax cameras? Straight off the sensor, the much-anticipated hybrid camera combines the best parts of digital with the best parts of analog. It is also the first model that uses an instax square film-so for retro-junkies, the SQ10 is an indie dream. The SQ10 is quickly turning heads with its novel features. Already have an instant camera? The following features might just convince you to get an SQ10 of your own.

The Look Of Love

For its look, shutterbugs will love this camera because it is a throwback to the classic Polaroid. Though it may not be “perfect” for some users, they still love its eye-catching design and the end result. The SQ10, which measures roughly 6.5 inches in height and width, sports a black finish with silver accents. It comes with a digital sensor and an LCD allowing you to click, edit, and print according to your preferred shot. Weighing 15.9 including the film, you can easily slide it into a large pocket or sling it around your neck. Interestingly, while it's small for an instant camera, the lens is a wide-angle design enough to cover a field of view similar to smartphones.

The SQ10's design is symmetrical with dual shutter buttons on the front. This makes the camera comfortable to use for both righties and lefties. Both buttons can take a picture but users may change the shooting mode to enable one button only. In any case, no more delays when you want to snap your favorite lola blowing out her candles.

Picture Perfect

The most popular feature of the SQ10 would be its editing suite where there are 10 different filters to choose from. Just like other photo editing applications, these filters have names like “Luna”, “Cornelius”, etc. Users are also given a few standard controls for basic image editing. From changing the brightness to adjusting the hues, the SQ10 allows users to give the photos a bit of atmosphere. If you're into collecting photos of your cousins sleeping and want to get the perfect filter, the SQ10 will not let you down.

The vignette, next to the filters is what really gives the images its distinguished analog look. For users accustomed to Instagram, they will find it amusing to be able to use these features on their SQ10. Additionally, vignettes on SQ10s can be controlled manually with a range from 0 (neutral) to 100 (dark) or -100 (bright).

Hashtag Click-Happy

The SQ10 has a single port on the side, a micro USB used for both charging and downloading your saved photos. It can store 160 pictures on its internal memory and take as much as 50 photos on a single charge. There is an SD card slot on the side if you want more storage. For the typical Filipino family, there's simply never enough pictures to go around. If you're looking for a good conversation starter, the SQ10 is a great pick next to your mom's favorite chicharon.

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