Microsoft, being a top competitor for game consoles stepped up to compete with Nintendo's Wii game console. Microsoft released Kinect for Xbox that has the capability to track the movements of the players without holding a controller.

Kinect has a built-in camera that will track your movements and all you have to do is to perform gestures in order to pause or start a game. This will surely being added fun to your gaming experience, especially now that you will be more active and won't be sticking with your couch for days.

If you are playing a dancing game for Xbox, you can do pretty much whatever you want and Xbox will convert to in-game character moves. If you spin, the game character will spin. Everything that you do will be copied by the game console, everything.

The package is a very user-friendly unit that only needs to be connected to your Xbox 360 console. Kinect package comes with a USB cord, and all you need to do is to insert it in the USB slot of Xbox. Place the camera of Kinect above the television or wherever you want as long as you, the player, is visible while playing the game.

Kinect also has voice recognition software that will allow you to direct the console to do a specific task. This is specially made for people like me who would prefer to talk than wave hands just to take control of the game. Who knows what games will be released using these new added features for Xbox Kinect.

All these advanced features of Kinect will allow you to play games a lot better. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest gaming stores and have your very own Kinect for Xbox this holiday season. This will surely make your family members' Christmas more memorable and fun.


Source by Tiffany Windhurst