Sneak Peek

The Asus A8E Series Notebook puts the world of entertainment on your laps. This notebook helps you to be in touch with the whole world without bothering about the external wires which becomes very irritating when you try to move the device.

Key Features

The Intel Core 2 Duo processor which is present in Asus A8E Series Notebook makes it possible for the notebook to give advance performance. The demands of the notebook users have increased rapidly during the last couple of years. These days the notebook users have a number of concurrently working Bluetooth peripherals on their system, which includes mouse, keyboards, Headsets, and mobile phones.

With the built-in Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, the A8E notebook offers maximum data transfer rates of 2.1 Mbps, which is 3 times faster than the current device can manage, and hence reducing power consumption, which greatly benefits battery-dependent mobile devices.


The screen of Asus A8E Series Notebook is of 14.1″ and it is quite a big screen for a laptop in this range. This also gives you the ultimate audio and visual experience. The only thing of concern in this notebook is that it does not support CD ROM Drive, DVD Drive or Combo Drive, but it does support DVD writer drive.

Core Information

With Asus A8E Series Notebook the users can download stream HD video, music and data while providing up to an extra hour of notebook battery life when compared to existing Draft-N products with the help of the Cutting-Edge Draft-N Wi-Fi Support, Intel's Next-Gen Wireless-N technology.

Cutting Edge Technology

Asus A8E Series Notebook runs most of the demanding applications at the same time with the help of its latest dual core technology. All these will fascinate you to use the notebook on the move or at the home with the built-in features of your new mobile dual core processor based laptops.

For data transmission, Asus A8E Series Notebook is provided with ExpressCard. The ExpressCard provides a high performance, modular expansion to notebooks at a lower cost and in a smaller form factor. With this feature, you can add memory communications and security devices by simply inserting ExpressCard modules into the notebook.

Asus Laptops comes integrated with latest 3D processing power. The notebook produces very lively visuals along with video playback and outstanding graphics performance. With this notebook, you can enjoy proper wireless freedom. The built in mic and high resolution webcam helps you to keep in touch with your near and dear ones.


On the whole you will be a winner if you get to use these Laptops.


Source by Pooja Kumari Lapasia