Have you been frustrated with the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) in your computer? It is very famous computer problem if you are using Windows operating system. You are surfing on the internet and your screen suddenly disappears and a blue screen error message pops up in front of you. In this case, what you can do is just restart your PC. If you want to get away from this blue screen error forever, you can try to apply the following tips on your own when you get the BSOD error before you go to the computer shop where you need to pay at least $100 charge for fix it.

Sometimes, BSOD will go away with a simple reboot and you might never see the blue screen for a long time. However more typically, the system screen error still exists in your Windows. Now you can try to use 3 tips below.

#1. Uninstall any applications that had been installed recently

Usually, blue screen of death error can be caused due to the new drivers installed are not compatible with the ones in your computer. So you can uninstall the recent and incompatible drivers from your PC to solve this Windows problem. Normally, this does not happen. If it does, Windows system offers a roll back utility so that you can possible bring your operating system back to its original functioning state.

#2. RAM does not work properly

If your computer's RAM is faulty, the computer can not function all the time as the Random Access Memory is accessed by CPU. This will cause your CPU to stop improperly. And the DSOD will pop up in your monitor of PC. The easy way is just to remove 1 stick of RAM and check if the problem is solved. If it does, your computer is repaired now.

#3. Repair Windows registry errors can fix the blue screen errors

The Windows registry will get corrupted with thousands of data over time due to you frequently install and uninstall the applications and programs on your computer. When your PC slows down during startup times, opening up of new programs or files, surfing on the internet and blue screen of death, it is mostly that your Windows registry has incalculable information which needs to go through. Thus, it is sincerely recommended you to download and install an outstanding registry cleaner to fix the registry errors and speed up your PC. Meanwhile, registry errors fixed can fix blue screen of death instantly as well.

Source by Michele Lee