Executive desks are the desk of choice for people that work from home all the time.

Since many people have more than one computers in their homes, it comes as no surprise that executive and computer desks are so popular. So which type of desk is best. A computer desk is clearly made to house a workstation and all of its accessories as a matter of course. An executive desk also fulfills this requirement, but gives added comfort and confidence.

If you are looking for a simple computer desk for your portable, any standard computer desk would do. In fact, even most computers would fit on a standard computer desk, although it may feel a little cramped once the accessories are houses.

An executive desk, gives mucg more room on your desktop and the accessories can be accommodated on shelving near by. Of course you would need the space to house an executive desk comfortably as they do occupy space. Also, you will need to plan your space, so you can easily access all the accessories and if you wish still have a view from a nearby window.

Executive desks are usually made withwoods that have a rich and costly appearance such as cherry, oak, walnut or ash. High gloss dark finishes are most popular, but you can also find desks with a flat finish. If you want the look of a solid wood desk at a budget price, you can find desks made with wood laminate materials instead of the more expensive desks made with real wood. Although most of these executive desks have very simple lines, mission style pieces that have a bit more detail are also available.


Source by Garry John