Technology is advancing at a rapid pace that we are now seeing several manufacturers selling a gaming laptop under $1000. These laptop models come with specifications that are fine tuned to provide you with an excellent gaming experience. There are however models that outperform the rest in terms of performance and this is what we will be looking at into now. If you are in the market looking for a gaming laptop under $1000 then be sure to follow our guide in making the right choice.

GPU (Graphical Processor Unit)

What sets a gaming laptop apart from other models is that it always uses a dedicated GPU to handle the intense 3D graphics. Some of the most popular brands used are Nvidia and ATI Radeon that can easily handle the most intense graphics a game can come up with. It's always important to get the fps (frames per second) rating a GPU can make on a game. For testing purposes Crysis has been used as a benchmark since it is the most graphically demanding game. If you can do at least 30 fps on this game then you have found a great model. One excellent model to consider is the Dell Alienware M11X using an NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M. It is one of the best gaming laptop available at this price.

Screen Size

Now that you have great graphics, you will want to view it on a big enough display. If you will be constantly bringing your gaming laptop with you then an 11.6 inch screen size will do however if you are looking for a desktop replacement then a 15 inch screen size makes a better choice. However, you should also consider that higher the screen size, higher would be the weight of the laptop. One excellent gaming laptop to replace your desktop is the Samsung RF510-S02 15.6-Inch HD LED Laptop.


There is an ongoing debate as to who makes the best gaming processors, Intel or AMD. Both companies offer excellent processors however Intel has a slight edge over their second generation Intel Core processors. The ASUS N53JQ-XC1 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop is an excellent choice that uses an Intel Core i7-740QM processor.


A gaming laptop has to have the largest memory possible. If you can upgrade your memory to the maximum possible configuration your laptop can accommodate then do so. This will ensure a smoother gameplay as more and more characters pop up in the game.

Source by Frieder Smith