One of the most important things for computer users is the speed of their computer as a slow computer can be extremely frustrating. This is particularly the case if you are watching the cursor taking precious seconds or minutes while you wait for an important document or program to load up on your screen.

So what causes this slow down and what can you do to speed up your computer?

The fact is that computers are always being attacked by viruses, malware and unintended software that keeps replicating itself from the Internet. The use of Antivirus scans is now essential when using your computer to access the Internet.

However, it is also important to safeguard your computer from malware and spyware, as this type of software is actually scanning vital information on your computer and sending it to unauthorised users.

A great way to protect your PC from viruses and malware is to install a firewall and a security filter. If you get those annoying and frequent pop ups on your screen that refuse to go away even when you cancel them there is a real possibility that your computer has been infected. In this case, it is best to immediately clean up your computer, use malware or spyware detection software that will help you identify any corrupted or damaged files that should be removed from your computer. This will definitely help speed up your computer.

Once you have installed anti virus software and malware detection software on your PC, it is essential that you frequently update these so that they keep protecting your computer and vital data files.

Another common reason for your computer running slower than it used to is the unnecessary storage of temporary files. It is important to regularly delete temporary files, as this simple process is an easy way of helping to speed up your computer.

There are some popular operating systems like VISTA and VISTA PRO that are known to consume a lot of computer memory or RAM and unless the software is intelligently managed it can slow down many of the operations on your computer. In addition, the Internet browser that you use can also impact your computer speed and you can try different types of browser to avoid any glitches.

These simple remedies can help to speed up your computer and ensure faster processing. These measures will also safeguard your data and your computer hardware and software.


Source by N W Williamson