Lenovo has come up with a new series of laptops that are quite in high demand across the market. The new Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is recognized as an attractive netbook that came into picture recently. A stunning offering made by ThinkPad, this laptop model has been featured with a brand new 6-cell battery.

What allures the customers is the feasible and easy to afford Lenovo S10 price, an impressive add on to the Lenovo Laptop price list. Featuring Quick Start operating system along with the support of facial recognition software, this laptop models is a perfect bargain at the offered cost. It has been known to deliver absolute value for the money invested.

Talking about its looks and design, the new Lenovo S10 is has eye catching looks. It imbibes a number of different color options, where the exterior is covered in an attractive “ruby red” paint flaunting glossy finish. Whereas the laptop interior and battery has been set covered with matte white plastics and have reasonable durability. This facilitates easy and hassle-free flex around the palmrests, when the surfaces are firmly pressed.

Lenovo laptops have always been counted as the highly functional and affordable laptops offered in the market. Proving it just right, the new Lenovo S10 has a giant beefy hinge of 10-inch display. Even after having a larger, weight added to its chassis is almost negligible. The two-tone appearance has made this travel laptop seem like a toy when compared with the similar line of netbooks offered at similar specs.

When it comes to measure its utility in terms of upgradeability, the S10 is a lot easier to be upgraded than many other netbooks. Thus, you have easy option to upgrade the storage drive, system RAM, or wireless card as per your needs and requirements. Moving ahead to the list, you have even the possibility of upgrading the RAM since Microsoft has strict limitations regarding what types of netbooks do actually qualify for installation of old Windows XP operating system.

Boasting a simple to understand touchpad design, this laptop is smaller than any traditional laptop touchpad and has surprisingly nice at the set budget. The reviews have spoke high of the sensitivity, responsiveness, and tracking. The matte 10.2″ WSVGA (1024×600) AntiGlare TFT display is again set as the key USP of this product. You can simply lock your choice with this without giving much thought to your decision.

Source by Vinnit Alex