Overclocking your CPU is not as hard as is seems. The idea (if you don't know what overclocking is) is to make your CPU run at a faster rate. For example if you have a 1,4 GHz CPU you could probably overclock it easily to 1,5 or 1,6 GHz. The latest processors are advertised as being clock locked but there are always ways to overclock them (through FSB for example), especially if you are an enthusiast.

There are many methods to overclock your CPU and in this article I will refer to the most popular:

Caution: Be careful when using any of the following methods. You run the risk to go over the limits. Take some advice from an expert or have him perform the overclocking procedure for you, if possible. Also, make sure you buy and install a heatsink or an additional fan for obvious reasons. Last but not least, install a benchmarking utility that will show you how much speed you've gained.

Altering the Bus Speed
When the Bus Speed increases, it makes the whole system run faster. Bus Speed defines the speed that the motherboard and other system parts run at. You can use this method and the next one together to achieve faster speed.

Altering Multiplier Settings
Multipliers are located on your Motherboard in the form of x1, x2, x3 etc. The Bus Speed is multiplied by these numbers giving the CPU speed. For example if you have a Bus Speed of 200 and a multiplier of x2, then the CPU speed is 400 MHz. Simple. Increasing the multiplier results in faster CPU speed.

Overclocking through BIOS
Most BIOS systems have the option to change your CPU speed. This is the easiest method since it's all done on your screen. When booting, enter your BIOS and look for that option to alter CPU speed or voltage. Then just change the values and see the results.

Playing with the jumpers
This requires to open your computer case. Always have your motherboard's manual handy. Carefully read the manual to see how you should fit your jumpers for each CPU speed. Change their position in order to alter the bus and multiplier settings and achieve higher speed.

Using overclocking software
This is another easy method and it is highly recommended. Go online and search for the term -Overclocking software-. You will discover many programs. I can't recommend any specific software, you have to climb that cliff on your own. After you download and install the overclocking software, it's as easy as using the interface to alter CPU speed. Before proceeding, make sure you read the software help files and instructions.

Source by Maria Markella