Many men always keep their PC Muscles tense, which can be a problem.

It may not be a big problem for some, but for many men it can prevent them from achieving/keeping hard erections.

It can be really subtle in the way it works.  The PC muscle is very different from most of the muscles in our body.  It is a skeletal muscle, not smooth or cardiac.  It works much different then when your trying to build big muscles in your chest/arms.

Keeping these muscles(PC) tense through out the day can most certainly be wear and tear on your erection power.  In my experience, this isn't a major problem when it comes to keep firm erections-but there is something too it.  It is different from one man to another.

Its just like when you are doing kegels (which are tricky) and you over use the exercise.  Your skeletal muscle(PC) needs more time out of any other muscles to repair and rest.  You don't need to eat a bunch of food to beef this baby up like other muscles, rest is most important factor.

You need to treat it differently than any other muscle.  When you walking around all day and your holding this muscle tight, it can be come weak.  For many men who already have strong PC Muscles, this really isn't a big deal.  Their muscles aren't as usually tense when they go about their daily activities anyway.

But for those of you who suffer from Premature Ejaculation, this is another “exercise” to consider.  Its very subtle so when you are going about your day it can be hard to detect.  Just stop every once in a while and see if you notice. 

Getting into this daily habit slowly can help you relax your muscles more often.  Which in turn will loosen up your muscles around your hips, which is very important but another subject.  These are the physical aspects to watch out for when improving your erection power.

As the weeks go by and you stay used to checking your PC muscle daily, you will eventually gather and create more control over your erections, hence your stamina.

Just start by doing this maybe 3 times a day for a week. You can check it anytime you want but just remember to do it and notice what you are doing and how/why it is making your PC Muscles tighten up

Source by Jamie Murphy