The “Setup Was Unable To Find MSI Package” error is a very common error which shows when you try and install programs on your PC. It's caused by your computer not being able to download the files it needs to complete the installation from the download server because your PC is connected through a proxy server.

What Causes The Error?

This error is caused by your computer being unable to download the.msi file it needs to complete an installation from the Internet. MSI files are what Windows uses to install a variety of applications, and it's often the case that installers will download various.msi files from the Internet to either save on space or to keep the installer up to date. The problem arises if you're behind a proxy – preventing Windows from being able to download the file it needs.

How To Fix The Error

1) The first thing you need to do is to to make sure you are actually behind a proxy server. To do this, you should look at the Internet Options menu in Internet explorer and see if it's selected to send your web traffic through a proxy. If it's selected then you should move onto step 2.

2) If you are behind a proxy server, you should then find a direct way to connect to the Internet. You can either find a local Wifi hotspot or maybe your friend's Internet connection – in order to be able to download the installation files you require. You may also want to download a full version of the installer (not a “web version) which will not need to download any additional files from the Internet.

3) To prevent this error happening in the future, it's advisable that you're able to use a “registry cleaner” to fix any errors that are inside the registry database. A big cause of errors such as this is the way in which Windows often saves many settings in the registry in the wrong way. The registry is basically a big database which stores many different files & options for Windows, and is where your computer keeps a large number of settings that it needs to run. If any of those settings become damaged or corrupted, Windows is unable to read the files it needs, causing errors. Registry cleaners fix this problem by scanning through the registry database, and it's recommended you use one to make sure this error is not a problem.


Source by James Henry Johnson