In this world where technology rules, no business can survive without a computer. Not only that, but it is also necessary that computers are updated to keep up with new technology being released every year. So which computer is the best for your office based business?

When buying a computer, the main thing to realise is what you will need in terms of the business requirements, then do a little research to find out what suits your requirements best.

Not wanting to be simple, but we have to start somewhere! So, there are two different types of computer processors, PC and Apple Mac. PC stands for Personal Computers and is the term used to refer to all computers that are IBM compatible. Most software available on the market, especially games software, is PC compatible though because the PC is so common; it is also beset with virus problems while Apple Macs do not encounter the same degree of problem areas.

Apple Mac computers are for the most part well designed and look more stylish than the majority of the business targeted PCs on the market. A Mac is widely used by designers and photographers and most computer savvy users believe that the Mac is a much better computer, with improved audio and video software compared to a PC. This isn't to say it is best for you business, as individual company needs do vary. For example if you are storing lots of images on your computers, a Mac may sound like a good option though if you don't intend to edit the photos or do not particularly need to see those images in such high quality, then a standard PC with a good processor and lots of memory may suffice.

Though the Mac is easier to use, it can be difficult to train up employees that have been used to using a standard PC. It is worth noting that a lot of computer experts are only experts in PC and only a few specialise in Macs. Though it is seldom that Apple Mac breaks down, when it does, it can be difficult to find someone to fix it and it can be expensive visiting the Apple stores for repairs, so these computers don't always allow for a small budget.

There are many more software programs available for a PC; this may be the reason that so many companies take this option. And with personal computers being available at most office suppliers, it makes it an easy all round option – Mac's are generally only sold by stores authorised by Apple and there aren't many specialists that deal with them, hence the price.

We couldn't possibly tell you which computer is best for your office based business, though we hope that you carry out good research and spend your budget wisely!


Source by Jamie R Lyons