PC Matic is a fantastic tool for using your computer. It's simple to use and can mend a wide range of problems in your PC and help improve its speed.

The benefits

There are a number of benefits to PC Matic:

* It's free to try it out.
* It's able to improve the speed of your computer.
* It's able to fix a wide range of PC problems.
* It provides five programs in one.
* If you're not satisfied, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.
* It's a very simple system to understand and use.
* It's able to speed up your Internet connection.
* It has Active Malware Protection and system optimization software included.

The features

PC Matic contains a number of quality features. Its maintenance application means it's able to troubleshoot effectively by carrying out a number of tasks like registry cleaning, defragmentation, system optimization, and Internet optimization. These help improve PC speed.

A free scan performs a number of battery tests and specifically deals with the following:

* Junk files
* Internet
* Startup applications
* Registry
* Memory utilization
* High security threats
* Low security threats
* Currently running processes
* Free space
* Fragmented files
* Drivers
* Installed software
* System specs
* Largest files
* Disk composition
* Benchmarking: This is where PC Matic compares your Graphics card, CPU, memory systems, and hard disk to all the computer results in PC Pitstops databases. After this it can provide you with a ranking.

Once the tests have been completed, you'll be able to view the results as a full diagnostic report. If any problems have been detected, these can be fixed by simply clicking the “Fix All” button. This is a very easy, quick, and efficient way of finding any problems and fixing them.

PC Matic is able to fix your computer in a number of ways. These include:

* Removing junk files: These can be temporary files, undeleted files which you moved to your recycle bin, or any other it deems as unnecessary and wasting space.

* Internet Optimization: It's able to do this by changing Internet settings so that the throughput is increased, sometimes by as much as two times.

* Removing unnecessary startup applications: These are programs which start running as soon as your computer is turned on. Many of these are not needed and simply run in the background, uselessly taking up memory and processing power. It is able to remove these.

* Registry fixing: It's possible for the registry to store damaged or useless data. Deleting these helps improve your computer's performance.

PC Matic is a form of system optimization software. It's able to improve PC speed by sourcing any problems with your computer and then fixing them. So, can PC Matic fix your computer problems? As you can see, it can not only do that but even improve how efficiently it functions.


Source by Walker Wisom