The most recent product available for serious gamers is the Razer Ironclad. The Ironclad is definitely meant for hardcore gamers who want the absolute best in gaming accessories. The surface is made of adonized aluminum, similar to another top gaming mouse pad on the market, the Steelseries SX.

Speaking of Razer's competitor, there is a lot in common with Steesleries' SX and Razer's Ironclad. Both are made of a very strong metal, and both sell for around the same price. The main difference is that the Ironclad is a little bit thicker, and it is also sandblasted. The surface of the Ironclad is, as a result, a little bit more controlled and textured.

Ever since the failure of the Razer eXactmat, Razer has been searching for a way to redeem themselves. The Razer Ironclad effectively accomplishes this. Razer seems to have put their research into a durable metal surface to counteract a couple recent mouse pads that wear down very quickly, such as the Razer Megasoma. There is no doubt that Razer should want to maintain their reputation as a high-quality gaming accessories manufacturer.

The surface of this mouse pad is very smooth, but there is definitely some degree of texture to it. Still, a mouse will glide very smoothly over its surface. This is especially true of gaming mice that have smoother mouse feet made of Teflon or similar materials.

The Razer Ironclad tracks mouse movement very accurately – which is what what we expect from a mouse mat that costs so much. The mouse is still very accurate, even when the mouse is moved very quickly over the surface. Precision is always a good thing, especially for FPS games.

There are some reasons why the Ironclad might not be perfect for everyone. For one thing, the surface can be cold to the touch. Some may like the cold feeling on their wrist, but others may find the resultant condensation annoying. Most people do not mind the metallic feeling of the mouse pad. If one does not mind, the pad is otherwise very comfortable along the edges.

When thinking about the cost of the Razer Ironclad, keep in mind that it is a solid piece of metal. It should last longer, simply because of the material it is made out of. It will probably last three times as long as any other mouse pad will, making it a good investment over time. Furthermore, if you play a lot of games, you will appreciate the excellent surface.

The Ironclad is especially good for those who own gaming mice. This is true whether you prefer to play at high DPI, or want the Ironclad for low DPI gaming. The surface is not too slick to make a controlled sniper shot, but it's smooth enough to pick up an assault rifle and do some running and gunning.

Source by Seth S