As an alternative to desktop computers, laptops are mostly used. However, there are lots of laptop brands you can choose from, making it harder to find the suitable one. These are the five things that you should consider while trying to find the best laptop brand:


To help you decide in choosing the right laptop for you, check out its processor. As this is the most important part of the computer, this is one critical deciding factor. This will make or break your decision of which to choose. The faster the processor, the better it will be. Unlike RAM or CD-ROM, the computer processor cannot be upgraded. So, from the start, it is necessary to pick the right processor. Intel and AMD manufacture the best processor there is. Intel usually produce fast processors. In Intel computers, the battery life is longer as compared to ones produced by AMD. However, Intel processors come in higher prices. Then, if you'd rather have a good processor without spending too much, go with AMD.


If you have in mind a specific purpose for the laptop that you will buy, which is a great advantage. If you plan to travel a lot and bring your laptop with you, you better opt to find an ultra-portable one. They are generally lighter and less bulky for the traveler like you. Its disadvantage would be that it has smaller screen size, the keyboard is significantly smaller also. Not only in its physical features, but also in the speed and storage there is a disadvantage. Smaller laptops also mean slower speed and lesser storage space. Mainstream laptops or those with 14 inch screens are generally the most common. They are not too small or too big. The weight is reasonable, not light but also not too heavy. For those who prefer speed and performance over comfort or convenience, desktops may be right for you. These are laptops with screen sizes ranging from 15-17 inches and they can weigh up to six kilograms.

Screen Size

The size of the laptop screen should not be forgone. Choose among notebooks which have 16:9 aspect ratio, standard screens with 4:3 image quality ratio, or desktops which have the best screen quality.

Storage Space

Laptops, sometimes, cannot meet optimal system performance due to lack of memory. Having lots of RAM lets you run more applications at the same time, it keeps your computer run faster, and is necessary for 3D gaming, graphics work, and image or video editing. Make sure you check the computer's memory before deciding on buying it, or determine whether the memory can be expanded.

Final Touches

Find out if the keyboard size is good enough for your use or, if it would be comfortable. Since laptops do not come with a mouse, see if you are at ease with using that laptop's touch pad before you make that purchase.


Source by Jaroslaw A