Dell laptops have achieved quite a bit of success with their line of notebooks. They sell more laptops than any of the other major notebook manufacturers. Part of the reason for this is there successful marketing and promotion strategy, but they also offer quite a few perks. One of the biggest reasons is the quality of the products offered for the prices available. In addition to this, Dell laptops are stylish, versatile, offer variety, and come with a great warranty.

One of the most effective things that Dell has done is provide laptops at a decent cost. Part of their marketing strategy has been to promote their products through the use of various sales and rebates, as well as offering free printers or other free accessories with their notebooks. Dell is also known for having a good customer service program.

An online shipping tracking system is made available on the Dell website that allows customers to keep track of where their deliveries are in the process of making their way to the buyer. The delivery time is decent, with most packages arriving within about three days. The tracking system makes it possible for a customer to be aware of when the package will arrive without having to wait on the phone to speak with a representative, which is helpful.

Another aspect of their customer service program that is helpful is their at home service. If a customer is having trouble with their Dell laptop and the problem can not be solved over the phone, they will send over a technician from a third party vendor in order to help them resolve the issue. Dell covers the cost of the service, so customers who are having trouble with their notebook will not need to pay a computer expert in order to get their computer up and running again.

Of course the main reason that Dell laptops are so popular is the laptops themselves. The most familiar line of Dell laptops is the Inspiron series. This line consistently receives ratings from top reviewers at about four out of five stars. Dell laptops are sold for about five or six hundred dollars. As an example of the type of products that they offer, one of the latest Dell laptops is the Inspiron M101z. It offers a dual core processor in an eleven inch device, which makes it much faster than other computers of the same size. As of September 2010 it is being sold for about five hundred and fifty dollars, which is low in cost in comparison with other laptops of the same speed and size.

Not all of the Dell laptops receive incredibly high marks, however. As an example, the recent Inspiron iM501R-1212PBL is considered overpriced at five hundred and fifty dollars for a standard sized laptop that is slower than most laptops of its size.

Source by Dominic Munroe