Wmiprvse.exe is a component used by Windows that handles the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) application, a feature in your operating system that reads all the important settings that Windows requires to operate properly. Software developers call on this file to be able to create event monitoring programs that notify users when significant actions have occurred. This file plays a vital role in the overall performance of your computer, but it is continually experiencing problems, most commonly making your CPU usage take up 100% of available resources. If you are experiencing problems with this file, you should make sure that your operating system is working properly, and you will need to remove any error related to it that is found in your system. This tutorial will help you resolve issues surrounding this file.

When wmiprvse.exe errors appear in your screen, they usually appear in this format:

  • Wmiprvse.exe-Application error

The instruction at “0×7c911e58? reference memory at “0×000000000?

Your system encounters these errors mainly because your computer is not able to process the required settings to run the file correctly. Alternatively, it might be due to current issues with your Windows version. The ensuing problems that crop up when this file has errors are the wmiprvse.exe reports errors, the 100% CPU usage, hard drive inaccessibility because the Task Bar has been blocked, and constant restarting of your PC after every few minutes. There are many possible reasons as to why these errors appear. To be able to completely repair this issue, you must address each possible error source until its fixed.

How To Fix The Wmiprvse.exe Errors On Your Computer

The method of fixing wmiprvse.exe errors involves four different things. In the first step, you need to download the hotfix Microsoft has recently supplied to fix the problem of 100% CPU usage. You can download the “HotFix 937882 from Microsoft's website”, and then install it on your PC.

The second step involves blocking the wmiprvse.exe file with your firewall, in order to prevent the file from causing problems. You should do this even though the file is not actually a virus infection. In order to block the file, you need to go to your System Toolbar and select your Firewall icon. Make sure that you include the file in the list of programs that will be blocked by your Firewall.

The third step you can try is cleaning out your PC. Sometimes, viruses can cause wmiprvse.exe errors. There is a knownvirus infection called “W32/Sonebot-B” that installs itself onto your system and changes the wmiprvse.exe file, thereby making it unreliable. This may well be the source of your troubles and so you should use antivirus to scan your hard drive and check this.

For the fourth and final step, you need to clean out your Windows registry to eliminate errors in your registry. It may well be that the wmiprvse.exe file components in the registry database have sustained damage or been corrupted.If this happens, you will certainly experience errors with it. Repair the registry with a special cleaning tool. There are many useful ones you can download online, such as the Frontline Registry Cleaner.

Source by Greg Kahn