Here are the 5 most popular ways to capture video footage to create your very own YouTube videos. Check out the list down below.

1) Camcorder: Digital camcorders offer the most professional option for capturing video and audio. For $200 and up you can find them on eBay.

Mini DV camcorders have become a standard for home and semiprofessional video production. They're compact and affordable. They also offer ease of editing, high picture resolution and durability. The video is recorded on a small cassette, most of which can hold over 4 hours worth of video. You may also look for ‘tapeless' digital video camcorders, but they are generally more expensive (which may change with increases in data storage technology). Once you shoot the video, you will need to transfer it from your camera (usually with a ‘FireWire) to your computer and edit it with editing software before you upload it to YouTube.

2) Digital camera with a video recording function: Digital cameras with a video capture option can be used to create great YouTube videos. You can check the box of any digital camera to see if they have a video capture function, or look up the instruction manuals on the company website.

Generally, the newer your digital camera, the more likely it is to come equipped with a digital video option. However many digital cameras which capture video do not capture audio, so you may have to do a voice over or a ‘music over' later. Even if you do not have a video capture feature, you can still make a very inspiring video presentation using only still pictures with subtitles and voice over or background music.

3) Webcam: Webcams can now be used to record video to YouTube directly. Did You know that the main webcam company has an agreement with YouTube is Logitech Quickcam, which may be found at If you have another webcam, fine…you can probably use it. Just know that Logitech has designed their latest generation webcams specifically with YouTube in mind. Using this type of webcam, you can record directly to YouTube without the need for any intermediary software.

4) Screen Capture software: Screen capture software can be used to record your actions on the computer screen along with voice narration. You can create instructional videos of you using software, demonstrations of software, or any other video which involves using a computer. Screen capture software can be a great way to demonstrate software, marketing techniques, and any other digital product.

Even membership websites can benefit from a guide tour using screen capture software. There are numerous other screen capture software programs available that range in price such as hypercam from, but Camtasia comes with the best editing capabilities, and allows you to convert your videos to many different formats (and even watermark your videos with the URL of your website).

5) Cell phone with video capture feature: Cell phones don't offer great quality of video, but have the advantage of being the most portable. Additionally, cell phones cameras are not very noticeable. If you already have a cell phone that has a video camera, you might want to learn how to use it in case you happen to see something great as you go throughout your everyday life. Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Webcams, Screen Capture Software, and Cell Phones are all ways you can capture video. You may find that you already have a device capable of capturing video, or you may need to shop for a device. Once you have captured the video, you will probably want to edit it a little to meet your marketing needs.

Source by Joseph Constant