Nerf Swords have been on the market now for just a couple of years, but have been a welcome addition to the Melee range of toy weapons which sit under the umbrella of all other Nerf Toys, which includes guns, darts, super soakers and various other products.

This was all started over 40 years ago by Parker Brothers who looked to design sporting goods that could be used indoors without creating damage to property or injuries to people. Some of the first items included American footballs and volleyballs, which are still used today and can often be seen being thrown along beaches and in parks.

The design of the material is chemically produced safe foam which is surrounded by a firm plastic rod. This gives the sword its' relative strength despite the lightweight nature. This combination enables realistic sword fighting motions without the problem of causing actual bodily harm.

Although firmly marketed as a toy for ages 8 and up, these swords have been wielded by big kids as well since their inception and high appraisement through online reviews are given by teenagers and dads alike.

Nerf have been astute enough to broaden the range to include several swords alongside other weapons such as the mace and battle axe. These have been promoted alongside tactical vests and shields which offer a perfect accompaniment to the swords. The swords also vary in size and weight with the largest being almost too heavy to hold one handed by small children whereas the longest one would be in fact taller than the average 8 year old!

Below is a selection of the swords manufactured by Nerf:

• Marauder Long Sword: the longest single sword in the range and also the heaviest, a very powerful melee weapon due to the sheer dimensions. This Nerf sword comes in yellow/red and black.

• Shadow Fury: although classed as a short sword this blade still packs a punch at 32 inches and available in blue.

• Stonewall Sword & Shield: more bang for your buck as you get two weapons in one pack. The shield although designed with defence in mind can nevertheless still be used for clobbering your opponent and the short sword supplied is really more of a dagger due to its short length. The shield is not very big though, so might be more suited to the younger age range.

• Thunder Fury: linked to the Shadow Fury by design this is a very similar sword which comes in a striking yellow colour.

• Vantage: the Nerf version of the Scottish Claymore sword, which in reviews has been labelled a stronger feeling sword and less likely to become damaged easily.

• Vendetta Double Sword: the longest Nerf sword and most variable being wieldable as two blades simultaneously or when joined by the hilts, wielded as one long staff/double sword. This sword is the weapon which opens up flexible fighting styles or could keep two kids happy at once for those on a tight budget.

Source by Paolo Mise